After working in various industries for over 20 years I had an opportunity for more flexibility and for the past 9 years I have worked virtually. 


I have been working over 9 years as a business manager for a small business government contractor.  Working with a small businesses, I have worn many hats.  I enjoy helping businesses get started and  expanding.



  • Experience with the various contract types (CPFF, T&M, and FFP) and specific requirements associated with each.

  • Work extensively with teams for RFI/RFP responses and ensure timely turnaround of requirements and proposals.

  • Research current market conditions related to acquisitions for technical and pricing decisions.

  • Review solicitations and prepare often complex responses for proposals, bids, and contract modifications. Activities include analysis of solicitation requirements, terms and conditions, payment terms, identification and mitigation of risks, and contract negotiations.

  • Support proposal development teams by coordinating the collaboration from various team members as well as from teaming partners involved in the production of responses to produce draft and final proposal documents.

  • Responsible for costing responses and developing detailed and intricate Excel workbooks for FFP, T&M, CPFF, and a hybrid cost proposals.

  • Spearhead the development and preparation of various state master contracts, such as; CATS (Maryland Consulting and Technical Services), CATSII and CATS+ contracts, and Pennsylvania Master IT Services ITQ contract.

  • Assist in development and preparation of GSA Schedule 70 Contract, SeaPort-e and IRS Total Information Processing Support Services (TIPSS-4) Information Technology Services (ITS) contracts.


Contract Administration

  • Prepare, negotiate and implement Non-Disclosure Agreements, Teaming Agreements, Subcontract Task Orders, Consulting Agreements, Modifications, Flow down clauses and other pertinent documents.

  • Negotiate subcontracts, develop pre-award subcontracts and direct development processes.

  • Prepare and disseminate information including, but not limited to, contract status, compliance and modifications to all stakeholders.

  • Participate in management strategy development and implementation.

  • Track and monitor new and expiring supplier Certificates of Insurance and qualification questionnaires.

  • Responsible for compliance reviews and audits, maintaining customer contract files.

  • Maintain contractual files on SharePoint and prepare subcontracting status reports.

  • Assure contracts are properly administered to ensure orderly prosecution of the contracts’ terms, conditions, and work statements, and to ensure timely payments are received from Customers.​



  • Initiate DCAA Audit resulting in approved DCMA Approved Accounting System certification using QuickBooks.

  • Thorough understanding of Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).

  • Implement electronic timekeeping to capture time for compliance with government contracting requirements.

  • Implement policies and procedures for Unallowable Cost, Indirect Rate Allocation, Description of Bases and Pools, Direct vs. Indirect costs, and Labor Recording and Timekeeping.

  • Develop Indirect Rate Calculations spreadsheet and generate as needed.

  • Build and maintain accounting records using QuickBooks.

  • Proficient with all facets of QuickBooks, including invoicing, billing, timekeeping, reports, budgeting, customers, vendors, etc.


Human Resources

  • Point of contact for new employees, process mandatory paperwork and policies and procedures.

  • Provide training to new personnel in regard to policies and procedures as well annual UNAX Awareness Briefing and Contractor Awareness Training (SAT), ensure accurate and timely completion of security paperwork.


I will provide professional support that a business can rely on and trust.


The purpose of hiring Virtual Support is to help get your work done in the most cost effective and time efficient way.  I have the skills and work ethic to help make your business more successful.  I can work with any company remotely but I live in the Carroll, Howard, Frederick and Montgomery County area. By working in this area, I can come to your office, get to know your staff, your business, business needs, and attend training and meetings as needed.